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David Psychic Medium, The Psychic Yogi

Free Online Psychic Readings,Clairvoyant,Spiritualist Medium, Spiritual Counselling,Healer
Free Online Psychic Readings,Clairvoyant,Spiritualist Medium, Spiritual Counselling,Healer

Hi David,

I came to see you a few weeks ago when I was on holiday in Calahonda. I wanted to contact you to say thank you for the comfort your reading has brought me. I no longer feel that I am alone. It was such a big blow when my husband passed away so suddenly and I really felt that I could not move forward with my life. You were able to describe my husband to a tee, even down to the tattoo on his left shoulder. Being able to speak with him again and knowing that he is watching over me has given me a new lease of life I never thought I would have. Once again thank you for all that you have done. Denise Clark, Scotland.

David is quite simply one of the most talented psychic mediums that I have ever met! I have had a reading with him and have also watched him demonstrate and his evidential mediumship is world class! He has a big soft heart too and works with love and compassion. Cannot recommend him enough!

Clair Merryweather, Birmingham, U.K

I have known David now for a number of years and have always found him to a very giving and kind man. His ability with spirit is second to none and I know that his search for perfection when working for spirit is a constant driving force within him. I have the highest regard for him as a fellow worker for spirit but also for David the man. Susan Brotherwood-Hughes, Ireland.

Dear David God Bless You for bringing hope back into my life. I have been so distressed since Andrea passed with her terminal illness. It left me feeling so angry that she had been taken away from me at such an early age. You have helped begin to heal a heart I thought would be broken forever beyond repair but to hear from my talented daughter and to know that she is not on her own and that she is with my mum helps me to find comfort and sleep at nights. It is a long road but I know now that one day I will get there because of your help, thank you.

Maureen Hardman, Liverpool, England.

I have had two readings with David on two separate occasions a couple of months apart from each other in November 2012. I had asked David when did he see me moving on from my current job, he had replied on both readings it would be August 2013, true to his word when August 2013 came I found myself out of work. Thankfully because of David’s warning I had signed up earlier and past the courses I was not planning to take until September 2013 and now I am fully qualified I can start my new career right away. Selina Stone Costa del Sol, Spain.

Dear David, I just wanted to thank you for my recent Skype reading. I was blown away by the insight you gave me. Since moving abroad I have felt a little bit lost and very alone. That has all changed since your Skype reading. It was so nice to know my mum has not only seen my new home but that she has also visited me here. The way you described her mannerisms was so accurate I felt like she was standing behind me, especially when you said she had Billy the cat with her. She loved that cat more than anything and it brings me great comfort to know they are reunited together in the spirit world. Janet Parsons, Los Angeles, America.

David I wanted to share my good news with you. I have just given birth to beautiful twin girls Alicia and Joanne. When I had my reading with you I had just been told by the doctors that it would be near impossible for me to conceive. I was so devastated but to hear you say that you could see children in my future gave me hope. At the time I thought that maybe you had got the information wrong, as I never thought it would be possible. Today Paul and I are the proud parents we have always wanted to be. Thank you for giving me hope and trusting in my future. Everything you said would happen to me over the last 18 months has happened including my husband’s promotion in work. Charlotte Mayem, Yorkshire, England.

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